Sunday, April 12, 2009

Was an Easter Celebration

Well today we had our easter get together with family .....a fun time was had by all. Only two couldnt make it today Melsia and Donny had to work. We missed you guys. Here are some candid shots of the day. It was a rainy day but everyone managed to make the most of it. The kids all colored easter eggs on the porch in the rain. there were some great eggs created by all of them . David decked out in bunny ears should have known better than to fall asleep amongst this bunch of fun loving family LOL he was asleep when my nephew put the ears on him it was definately a kodak moment.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

meet sara

well today hubby and I went to our farm and business expo where they had a craft fair as well. we went looking around and one of the booths had bengal kittens for sale........I fell in love with this one and she came home with me. Ive named her sara........according to what i have read about this breed she will eventually has more spots likes on her front leg they will become more promenant as she matures. she is so comical she will run and play hard then climb up and lay down on me and its like she deflates and passes out 10 mins later she pops up and is gone again LOL. the bengal cats were bred down from the asian leapard and domestic cat I think I got this right ......... She has velvet feeling hair and it isnt at all like regular cat hair. she leaps with the grace of the leapard as well. Loves to play in water ......hehee toilet seats are all kept down now . she was born dec 31 so she is 3 months old. sara is a very clingy cats and she is always right with me......has really adjusted well in just the time ive had her today. she has the most beautiful oval eyes. they are blue but look like they are turning now and will be neat to see what color they turn