Thursday, July 30, 2009

Abigails Beginning

This is Abigail she came to be by a printer error. She is from the marionette pattern by judi ward. The pattern is for a 25 inch tall doll which is available through an epattern. I got the pattern and I printed it and when I did the pieces werent the right i decided what the heck I'll use the pattern and see what happens..........well instead of 25 inches Abigail turned out to be 20 inches. She is wearing a handmade romper with pink background and green frogs that i made for her . I also took some pictures of her in her pj's .....probably had way to much fun with this photo shoot LOL............I gave her that lil scrunched up face a little one can get when concentrating on something or thinking about what they can do least i tried to give her this expression. hope you like her

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Princess Pea

this lil sweetie is the latest of my creations she is from a pattern I tested for Sharon Hawks of the pattern is called Flutter Fae and will be released sometime in the future for sale. Sharons creation won second place in the non human advanced catagory of the 2009 cloth baby doll challenge. I have done a soft sculpture face instead of using the clay nose and mouth inserts the pattern calls for. Her wings are made of clay and painted to match her soft and fluffy boa outfit........... little pink rose buds adorn the edge of the wings on her back and also accessorize her outfit. sitting she is about 51/2 inches tall. I have strung her so she is poseable which only adds to her cuteness.
update on princess pea. I gave her to my mom who thinks she is really cute and was thrilled to get her . hmmmmmmm being my mom she might be a bit prejudice . But she is enjoying her.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

when cute goes wrong you get Gordy Grung Bug

Well meet Gordy. He started out to be a cute lil baby bed bug from abra creations pattern. Well first of all he was gonna be a did him up and trimmed in pink and purple done the little girl was a boy I had created a boy bug in pink and purple.....not I changed the trims .........definately a trim.......but when I went to paint the yawning didnt come out gave him big lips for a mouth thinking it would create a..characture effect.........that didnt work either soooooooooooo.soooooooooooo out came the fun fur and my imagination.......and Gordy Grung Bug came to life. He was certainly not a plan set out for but he is what he is .......and is defiantely a one of a kind. I do like how he ended up looking.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Im so proud of david aka hubby

I just have to do some bragging here on my hubby david. He's gonna be 54 years old the 14th of august. He came and announced to me on saturday that he had about a half pack of cigarettes left and when they were gone he was done smoking this was the 18th well the 19th on sunday they were gone. he went around the house with a box and picked up lighters, ashtrays, went out to the cars and pickup did the same thing..........threw em all in the big dumpster well all but his zippo lighters he has a collection of them. but he did pack them up and had me put them in safe keeping just so as not to have to look at them for awhile. He has been really coughing for awhile now to the point it has made his shoulders/back(which he has had injuries in the past too) hurt as well as his chest. this was what made him decide. so anyway so far so good. He has taken up sucking on tootsie roll pops and eatting hard candy ........and hasnt touched or even wanted one and he's not using any patches even. He has smoked since he was 8 tells about his mom finding him and his brothers tabacco and putting chyanne pepper(sp) in it so they wouldnt smoke it LOL. but they did LOL. ............I'll keep you all updated on his progress. but he is determined to stop we will be married 24 years august 21 and this the first time he has voluntarily stopped time he did it to shut me up LOL didnt last another time he was in the hospital for 19 days and wasnt allowed to smoke LOL..........but again didnt i just had to share how proud i am of him for taking the steps on his own ........hes determined to do it

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Anna Smiles

Well I have made another baby......... this is anna she is a judi ward 9 to 12 month pattern. I love making judi's dolls. Anna is 26 inches long and is a very chubby baby girl....complete with chubby cheeks :) and of course like all babies her hair is always out of place .....she's so snuggly.

update on anna ........she has been adopted and her new mommy has chosen to give her a new name which i must say I am honored ......I always try to ask for feedback and this is what her new mommy had to say
From Pennie's new mom, Lisa,.......i am thrilled to have her in the house with me. I have found Pennie a bonnet and she enjoys wearing it like mom does her hats!
Lisa adopted Pennie not long ago and loves her very, very much. Lisa says The stork did a great job (I mean Pennie, Pennie's real mommy) heehee

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

love this shot

this is another shot of trevor just loved the expression the way it shows in this picture so had to add it :)

Monday, July 20, 2009

What a Face

Trevor is a 20 inch cloth baby boy. Second one IM on a boy roll I guess. he turned out to be just too sweet.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Baby Grady Has arrived

Well I finally was able to make a baby boy cloth doll. this is something that isnt easy for me all my babies tend to turn out as girls. so he has been fun to create
he is about 20 inches long and a very chubby lil fella
update on Baby Grady.......Grady has been adopted his new mommy had this to say......
Pennie thank you so much for Grady . He is so close in looks to my little grandson when he was a baby and has the best expression. He's won my heart. In person he is much better than the pictures show . You do wonderful work and the craftmanship that goes into your dolls is excellent. keep up the great work.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Meet Kimberly

I have been creating over the last few days. this is kimberly she is an 18 inch cloth doll who i created using the Irene pattern by darlene rausch. she was fun to make. She has jointed arms but her legs arent jointed. Hope you enjoy her photos

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

saras favorite game

sara loves to play fetch i got a couple videos of her .....she will do this as long as you will throw it lol in the one video she has this pink monkey she also considers her best buddy. his arms velcro together. she will crawl into his arms and play fetch with him around her......we call it escaping the monkey attack as she usually ends by crawling out of his grasp

Friday, July 10, 2009

christmas in july swap I got a wonderful swap

I was in a swap for a christmas in july and i got some wonderful things. you were to get and send one item begining with each word from chritmas. I got the most wonderful things. I'll list them by letter. pictures are below and isnt mospsy the pincushion doll wonderful. karen does such a wonderful job on her dolls Im very proud to have him in my collection
C .........crochet yarn doll wigs
r .......ribbons
i ....iron ons
s.......soft sculpture needles
t.....tin of trims
m......mopsy the pincushion doll
a .........angle ornament
s....satin and scrumptious fabric and oh it is lovely
loved it all and its all pictured here
thanks karen for a wonderful swap