Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgivng Dinner is over Family Pictures

Well we are back from our family get together had wonderful food my sister an mom made brisket and rolls and mashed potatos and gravy and a merinated veggies oh was so good...and also moms famous strawberry salad. I made desserts pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread, banana bread and a filled chocolate sister also brought a pecan pie. No one went hungry
this is my oldest nephew and his wife and their one and a half year old son. HE was the life of the party today so much energy. he's a very good little boy

This is my mom and her grandchildren on the left is my nephew and his wife my niece in the middle and my other nephew on the end. there are two grandchildren that werent there.

This is a picture of my mom in the front my sister behind mom and her hubby and me beside mom and my hubby behind me.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Company Coming and thanksgiving

Im just so excited our friends from austraila Glen and Khriswill be here the end of this week for a short visit. This is the second time we have gotten a visit from them. So am busy planning what we will eat and what i want to fix for snacks and goodies. Chocolate Chip cookies have been requested as Glen loved them when they were here I think three years ago It will be enjoyable to hear of their travels so far

Thanksgiving is Thursday wow where has this year gone........simply amazes me how time can fly. We will be spending thanksgiving with my mom and sister and her husband and two of their grown children. the rest of the family has other plans. David has been working alot of overtime and has to work on wed and then again on thursday ...he works he will be with us thanksgiving in body anyway lol Im sure however we will be able to wake him long enough to eat .....hehehe havent seen him too tired to eat yet ...... I hope everyone has a wonderful thanksgiving. I'll be posting pictures of thanksgiving and our visit with our company so stay tuned........I'll be kind wont flood the blog with too many LOL. Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Quail in our yard

Well I just had to share a picture of the quail hanging around in the yard. they come eat birdfeed that is on the ground below the bird feeder where the birds drop stuff. they are amazing little birds so fast and so intent on what they do. We have alot of birds out here. so far these are the only ones ive managed to take a picture of. I have to do it through the windows in the sunroom cause if I open the door they are gone. We have also got about 4 female redbirds and 2 male redbirds hanging out there......and then the cutest little fuzzy black tiny birds not sure what they are . David hasnt found them in our bird book yet. We also have a male roadrunner and a few female roadrunners that come through alot. Then there are finches out there its enjoyable to sit and watch the birds feed . We have three feeders in place so hope to keep the birds fed this winter .

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Pink Pullover sweater

Well I have finished up the little girls pink pullover sweater i was working on. It turned out really cute. its made of redheart baby sport yarn with the silver thread through it and I thought no way it could be warm but it is very thick and should be a warm sweater

Monday, November 17, 2008

This is the House that David Built....Dog house that is

this is the dog house finally finished. all the stuff laying on the ground is building materials he will picki up .....I wanted to get the picture taken while I had him corraled long enough to get him in it. As you can see in the pictures his two helpers were on duty as well LOL.

Chickens our future laying hens

this is a picture of our 24 laying hens and somewhere in them is two roosters LOL we got them as lil fluffy babies earlier this fall

Laverne the Guard Kitty

this is laverne. He started out with a slim chance of making it in this world. He was found at the laverene conoco (Hence his name) My niece works there and she found him wet and covered with oil she tamed the lil guy down and got him to eat and he's faired well. she would have liked to have given him a home but her puppy dog does not like we brought him to our house to live. He has caught a few mice and is constantly guarding the place. He's gotten very tame and has become on of the family :) He's nice and fat and eats like a horse if his food bowl is low he sure tells us about it ......cannt run out lol

Dolly The boxer

OK this is our almost 6 month old boxer puppy. She is so fun to watch and a terror on wheels. with boxers if they are bored they will find a way to get unbored LOL. mostly seeking and destroying or in their minds rearranging for you and trust me if It isnt broke it will be with a boxer around. We laugh and say we should have named dolly taz.

Zoey The drama queen weenie dog

this is zoey or her head the favorite thing for her is sleeping she's almost 10 years old and is our drama queen. she loves to snuggle up in blankets and afghans. I've posted a full picture of her here too so you can see how starved she is.......she is by the way 30 pounds of spoilt puppy dog lOL


Ok you cannt say I didnt warn you. here comes the pictures of our furbabies. This is shay she is somewhere between a year and over. She was a rescue so we dont know how old she is...we do know she is a boxer mix........but the vet did say she couldnt be anywhere near two years yet. This seems to be her favorite pose for pictures she has such big puppy dog eyes LOL

Sunday, November 16, 2008

paruvian hat and fingerless gloves

this is one set of many of the hats and fingerless gloves. I love the way this paruvian print yarn colors work up reminds me of retro colors. i have fallen in love with the color and as soon as christmas is over and I have time I seem some bears made from this yarn

Stay Warm and Get organized

this is a pair of warm crocheted slippers along with a cell phone holder and a pocket wallet that have all been crocheted.

Blue Sleeveless Girls Crochetd Top

I made this top from a pattern I designed and it turned out really is made from baby yarn and boah yarn and oh so soft.

Pink Shrug

This is a pink shrug made from baby yarn . Any young lady would be look stunning wearing this.

Baby Love Soft Sculpture Doll

This is one of my favorite cloth soft sculpture babies to make. She is 26 inches tall and has fur hair and painted on facial features. She's so huggable

Reborn Baby Eli

This is Eli she is a preemie size reborn. She got her name because she has an elephant on her dress . Who could resist snuggling this little sweetie

Snuggie Bear

This is another crocheted bear that is snuggled up with her very own blanket

Ivy Rose Crocheted Bear

This is a two and a half inch crocheted bear . She is made from thread

Penniebears Den of handmades

Welcome to my blog. I am new at this so Im sure as i learn I will improve. I will be using this blog to show pictures of things Ive made and occassionally.......well ok more like often I will share pictures out my beloved husband and I and our furbabies who are our ony children.....boxer mix shay , boxer dolly, weeniedog zoey and our kitty laverne....oh yes and we cant forget our 24 laying hens who are in the process of growing up to lay eggs.