Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Bear Bag

this is the bear bag I made for my niece for her birthday

December Birthday gifts and the dolphin bag I made

Well we did our december birthdays and we had two my sister and my niece. I made my sister a matt with pockets in it to use for the beaded jewelry she makes has pockets to keep her things on. not a good picture here but you will see it. she was talking when i snapped the picture .sorry sis ......LOL......... oh and I had also made her a purse for christmas so now that its over i will share that here too

Friday, December 26, 2008

Candy Is a Star ....blue top and pink sweater

Awhile back I crocheted the blue top and the pink sweater for a friend who placed an order for her little lady....... candy for christmas .......... when she opened them christmas morning I got blessed with pictures of her with and in them......she's a lovely young lady and so pretty so I just had to share her excitement with you. Candy is a sweet young thing and I have to commend her. She has very long hair and every year she has it cut short and donates the hair to locks of love. She does this voluntarily and has done it since she was of alot younger age....... I forget how old she was ...when getting her hair cut ....the gal cutting it suggested it and Candy has done this every year since.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Day With The Family

Well christmas has now come and gone and it was a lovely day. We went to my sisters house and had a nice day. Lots of family and chat and fun watching everyone open the packages. We had finger foods and oh were there plenty. I didnt get any pictures of the things I made the kids but the moms have said they will send them to me . when I get those I will post them ....but in the mean time here is a picture of the tables of food and some overall family shots .......of course our yongest littlel guy did manage to get a candid shot or two in. He's almost 2 ..in March and oh such a sweet little guy. All the other kids had fun too but I just got group shots .......seemed to be the year of butts.......most every picture i manage to capture someons backside roflmob.......My sister made the train cake it was just adorable.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Zoeys Christmas 2008

The Anticipation Is Killing her LOL

Opps not even 5 minutes went by before she cracked !

She is looking for the squeaky in it !

Ah HA!!! Found It

Trying Hard to get the stocking open

OOPS got tired gotta have a nap before she can work on opening it !

Ahhhhhhhh all the toys with the help of daddy have been freed !

Wishing each and everyone of you a very Merry Christmas And A Wonderful New year. Remember its the little things that make the biggest and best memories ! Hope you enjoyed sharing Zoey's christmas with her.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Its Almost Christmas

Hello everyone, thought Id send a post in and wish anyone reading my blog a merry christmas. :) Ive been busy crocheting and sewing but going to have to wait til after the christmas day unvailing of gifts before I can post on here as I wouldnt want to ruin anyones surprise for their gifts Ive made.

Things have been busy with getting ready for christmas day and hubby working overtime at walmart . Then we spent time the last few days winterizing a house for a place he does work for on occassion.........was a cold job but we did it. I say we LOL he does all the work Im moral support. ......but I go with him when he does his odd jobs. again IM always moral support.

Looking forward to our family get together on christmas day. Hubby has christmas eve off but has to work christmas night...he works late nights.......so christmas eve we will have our christmas dinner together ......nice quite candle lit dinner .......something we both enjoy.

Well thats my update for now. Look for alot of pictures of projects after christmas :)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Snowing in Woodward

Well we have our second snow. It started yesterday on Dec 15 and quit sometime in the night. I love the look of untouched snow its so pretty .....now getting out in it doesnt make it seem so pretty. Things are coming together nicely for christmas as far as getting the gifts made. The next week will be a week of being busy sewing up the last of the stuff.........all the crocheted things are basically done. I did take a picture of the snow on a bush and also captured a cardinal in the process. In the first photo if you click on it you will see there are two male cardinals in the bush

Friday, December 12, 2008

My Tree is Decorated

Well i finally finished up the tree got it ready and picture taken. this year the tree theme is stockings and red bells. the bells show up as red dots but they are strings of red bells. Got part of the christmas wrapped and under the tree even. Hope you enjoy the tree. Tigger and Pooh are guarding the packages LOL

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Cactus In Full Bloom

Well this morning when I got up our cactus we call a christmas cactus........its light pink centered blooms with white blooms is in full bloom so thought I would share the beauty of it. Its a very large sized plant so lots of blooms and still more to pop out

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Table Runner I made for My Snowmen

Years ago I bought these snowmen from avon. they had lighted bases well the bases died long ago and Ive always kept the snowmen with lights put under them. This year I decided I wanted to set them on a christmas runner. I dont think I will put the lights in them this year as it would take away from the runner. Anyway here is my project for today

Woodpeck eatting from feeder Unusual

Well here we have a male woodpecker eatting from the bird feeder and then he flew to the old tree stump for desert LOL they are so funny to watch.

Male Cardinal finally caught in photo

well I have finally managed to catch a cardinal on camera here he is. not the best photos but photos still the same

female redbirds and others feeding

I shot these pictures out of the little door window off the sun room. there were a total of four female redbirds in the pictures I can clearly see two in one picture and at least one in another picture. I tell you santa needs to bring me a high powered camera so i can get some good bird pictures

first snowfall of 08 in woodward

well this is our first snowfall this year. its pretty but glad i dont have to go out in it. took a picture of the birds eatting and the quail out feeding on the feed that the birds had dropped on the ground. we seem to be a popular feeding stop in this snow as there are birds everywhere out there.

We Put Moms Christmas Tree UP

Well we went up on sunday to see mom and take her shopping. While we were out shopping she got a new christmas tree. David and I helped her decorate it. David did the decorating I helped get the glass balls out of the box ..when I wasnt distracted hehee. Mom and i were moral support. Here is a picture of moms tree. The red tree skirt has gold beads on it and mom has crocheted it herself. Im putting up a picture of mom by the tree but afraid its a bit blurry but you can at least see her.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Gifts from Khris and Glen

When khris arrived she came bearing gifts........here are a few of them. I got this wonderful rag doll that is a pattern Cath on the Craft group designed and the little wooden things are made to look like books. Cath painted them and her husband ronnie does the wood part. the little aussie bear key chains and chrismtas ornament are so adorable. Khris also made me a couple items that at this time I wont share on the blog as she has made them for everyone shes visiting so I dont want to spoil the others surprise. but lets just say they are wonderful :)

Healing Hearts Quilt.....Made By Wonderful Ladies

For those who might not know the whole story behind this I'll briefly explain it. I got hurt in april and had to have a rotator cuff repair surgery......well 6weeks out I got an awful infection and it ate the repair and the entire rotator cuff away. So I had three more surgeries in June within an ll day period to clean up and clear up the infection and a new cuff contructed from my deltoid muscle........all of this was followed by 6 months of physical therapy ....and the end result is a not so functional arm from elbow up.......but Im thrilled it works as well as it does and Im on the road to getting back to normal.........by the first of the year I hope to be working again somewhere :). Anyway The wonderful group of ladies I have as friends on the group that Khris owns were very so loving and thoughtful and made me a healing hearts quilt. Khris presented it to me when her and glen came for a visit. I love it and when I snuggle under it I feel all the love and hugs each stitch has in it .......I am so thankful to have such wonderful people in my life. I'll always cherish it...... You are all truely blessed. This quilt had blocks from gals in the united states, gals from the UK and gals from the Netherlands.......so Ive received all these loving hugs from all over the world. Thanks to all you wonderful ladies for giving me such loving and heartfelt memories.

Our Aussie Friends Visit

We had a wonderful visit with khris and glen. We did lots of eating and laughing and chatting.....just kicked back and enjoyed some relaxation. I cooked lots of food as I figured being on the road the homemade food and goodies would be a treat. I fixed sloppy joes, marinated veggies, fiesta meatloaf and a regular meat loaf. Biscuts and gravy and breakfast pizza made lots of goodies chocolate chip cookies as glen requested them.....pumpkin bread......my mom furnised a strawberry bannana dessert, there was filled cake and if I forgot anything oops lOL anyway we ate well while they were here.

Khris tried the biscuts and gravy and said they werent bad now Glen he went to get a hair cut while i was fixing them and of course he chickened out and got a burger while he was out.....so he didnt try them.......he doesnt know what he's missing LOL.

They enjoyed the managery of birds that grace us with their beauty daily here in our back yard around the bird feeders and the bird bath and enjoyed seeing them The woodpccker, quail, red birds and blue jays were among the wild life wonders they got to experience.

Khris showed me how to cut out a heart block that is pieced and explained how to do it so will be doing that shortly. She came bearing gifts which I will post in a bit.......anyway it was a wonderful visit and sooooooooo glad we got to have our time together .......they are wonderful guests

Although this isnt the best photo i played with the photos we took and got david and i and khris and glen all in one picture by popping davids picture in on the end. ahhhhhh where there is a will there is a way.....but wanted to have a photo of the four of us together and this was the olny possible way to do it......soooooo its the four of us.

David and Pennie

Just thought I'd share a shot that the took of me and hubby since somehow I didnte get one of david with them.......going to have to play around with the photos and see if i cant get one of him put in with us lol. Anyway David too enjoyed their visit and actually managed to get one entire day off while they were visiting. Notice the new austraila cap he's wearing :) he was thrilled they got him one.