Friday, May 29, 2009

Meet the new baby

well i have been busy sewing on a cloth baby doll and i must say I really enjoyed it. Its been several years since Ive made any cloth baby dolls. this baby is 19 inches long and has jointed arms and legs and wears a size 2 baby shoe and can wear preemie size real baby clothes. she has a real preemie outfit on in the pictures. I hope you enjoy her photos she has strawberry blonde hair that wants to turn redish even though i didnt use a flash.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

who let the cat out of the bag :)

sara has a passion for plastic handle bags. she loves to play in them day david picked up the sack she was in by the handles and the new game was created. sara will get in a bag and lay in it til david comes and picks it up.........he then has to carry her around and when she is ready to stop she pops out of the bag. this is a few pictures of her and him playing the game. I'll have to get it video taped one day and share it. its funny to watch them here we go. in the first picture she is waiting on david to start walking then she hides down inside while she takes a ride around the house in it......when he stops she will peek out......when she is done she starts the climb out ......they usually end up ripping a hole in the bag you can see in the last picture her lil bum is sticking out....once in awhile she makes an unexpected exit out the back "door" they have created(the hole) LOL.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Updating the blog

Hello sorry I havent posted yet for may and not much in april but it has been a heartbreaking last few weeks. I lost my brother unexpectidly the end of april. He was 56 and passed away in his sleep. he left behind a wife, three children all grown and will truely be missed.

May has brought mow season so david is busy mowing and I go with him and take pictures for him that he needs so that has kept us busy. Im finally getting back into my cloth doll making a bit......ive gotten one cut out and hope to get it made up this week. I have also crocheted a little bear that is 4 inches tall when seated. This bear was a bit of a challenge as she was the one i was working on when i received the news of my brothers death so it was hard to pick her back up .....but I did. She is in the picture below ......she does need bigger eyes and as soon as I get some I will replace them. Ive also included a picture of my mom , my sister and her hubby and me and my hubby david. this was taken earlier this spring, I have since cut my hair short......hmmm will have to get a new updated picture of that one of these days.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Baby Geese have grown

remember the little geese we had. well they have turned into almost grown geese. very fun to watch and are such characters. they love water of course and its amazing to watch them dip in and out of it. They put their heads completely under and come up stringing water everywhere. there appears to be one gander so we will have lots of babies from the other three women LOL.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Sara is Growing

Well our baby sara is growing. She is up to almost 4 lbs now. and her spots are really starting to show up. alot of tanish brown is shownig up too . the video shows on of her favorite spot and thing to do. she spends hours a day playing on her kitty tower