Saturday, March 28, 2009

Over 20 inches Of Snow March 27 2009

Well we have had a blue northern come thruogh and the 20 plus inches of snow and 10 ft and over drifts are what we are left with. I took these pictures from inside the house as you can see its alot of snow ......these are just random shots from windows in the house that I could see out of most of them are plastered with snow.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Our first egg

well today david went to feed the chickens and he found an egg. its the first one from last falls baby chicks we got. you cannt see it in the picture but the egg is green. its from an aracana chicken they lay colored eggs. so we hope the other 10 hens follow suit and we will have fresh eggs .....much better than store bought ones

Thursday, March 19, 2009

New Car For Me

well today has been a fun day ......I finally got a new car. My old one was falling apart slowly. It got hit by a deer some years back 2006 I think it was.....which did a bit of body damage to the front .....then it messed up some of the wiring .....have had to rewire the taillights to come on when you turn the headlights on Thanks to my brother in law mike ......he was able to that.......and there are numerous other buttons that stopped working and the drivers door doesnt open from the outside so although its been a good car and served us well it was time for a change. sooooooo...........

Today i am the proud owner of a 2002 Pontiac Grand has a couple minor flaws in the paint but for the most part its nice and sharp . Has 3 new tired on it......and a sun roof too .....sterio with a cd player and buttons for the radio are on the steering colomn. has had one owner and has fairly low miles......just a little over 90 thousand........compared to the miles and condition of the other hundred cars we looked at lol this one is the pick of the litter here are a few pictures

Monday, March 16, 2009

baby geese and chicks

well spring has sprung as far as babies go. we have gotten four new baby geese and 8 new baby chicks who will be laying hens when they grow up and also a little guenie(am sure thats spelled wrong) But there it was in this big tank all by itself and looked so lonely now its all happy snugglin with the other chicks

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Meet Robby My Latest Reborn

Well its been well over a year since I did any reborning. Probably actually closer to two years. This little fella is Robby. he has strawberry blonde hair and is so huggable. I snapped some pictures of him to share with everyone these are just some quick shots to give you an idea of what he looks like. I see I have forgotten to put his eyelashes on ....will do that and get better pictures soon.......I hope you enjoy him he has been fun to make

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Enjoying the sunshine

Shay and Dolly are sure enjoying the sunshine......dolly will be a year old in may she is sure starting to turn from a puppy to a big dog. Shay is the most gentle and easy going dog .....nothing bothers her and she stays happy letting dolly sit on her lay on her and just simply irritate her......although we have found she is becoming a very good watch dog. Had a friend stop over to pick something up while we were gone and He said if the fence hadnt been between him and her she would have had him. SOOOOOOO good guard dog she has become.

David is Cleaning up the place

Well although it is looking much better its still got a long ways to go. David has been busy cutting back over grown bushes and getting rid of under growth He's still got a long way to go but its sure looking much better

The Chickens Have Grown UP

well last fall we bought 16 baby chicks. We have 14 now. not a bad record for the time of year we got them as it was cold out when they got big enough to be outside in the weather. Anyway the black funny looking one is a Frizzel Rooster and is a bantie .......named Frizzie The others are just random shots of the group of gals we have there are a couple bantie hens and the rest are laying hens rooster as well. the top picture shows that they are really moulting funny looking when they lose their feathers.