Saturday, June 13, 2009

First Day In the Chicken House

Well the little baby chicks are now past the brooding room size and are so happy to be where they can come and go out into the pen. Ive been watching them today and let me tell you they are some happy chickens. Our guenie is growing. we started out with three and have one left. the other two didnt make it as babies but this one did and thinks he's a chicken lol .......he's around more for fun. We expect he will probably fly away one day as there are several around us that you can hear and they can be hard to keep at home lol. The little babies are frizzels and silkies there is an old english baby rooster and I also say in the video one looks like a mille fluer but its not the breed i was thinking it was. we will have to wait and see what it grows into there are a few white cochin(feather legged breeds) that she could actully resemble all our chicks are pure bred or supposed to be lol will up date it when we figure it out :)..........ive put a short video in to see them enjoying the outdoors

Friday, June 5, 2009

our young roosters are learning to crow

we bought day old baby chicks called frizzels they look like they have had a bad perm .........feathers curl really unique when all feathered out. we got them may 4th and now we are hearing crowing from the brooder room . today I finally got it on video. they are so fun to hear and watch they sound like somone is choking them at this point. lol we are also amazed because we have never heard or seen a chick crow so young. anyway hope you enjoy the video

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Baby Emmie Is Here

this is baby Emmie she is made after a preemie baby with long and skinny arms and legs and small little feet. she is about 17 inches long. Emmie also has hand rooted hair. i have encluded some undressed pictures so you can see the detail of her sculpting ........she was fun to make ...because she is a preemie type baby her features arent as developed as they would be if she were a full term baby