Saturday, November 22, 2008

Quail in our yard

Well I just had to share a picture of the quail hanging around in the yard. they come eat birdfeed that is on the ground below the bird feeder where the birds drop stuff. they are amazing little birds so fast and so intent on what they do. We have alot of birds out here. so far these are the only ones ive managed to take a picture of. I have to do it through the windows in the sunroom cause if I open the door they are gone. We have also got about 4 female redbirds and 2 male redbirds hanging out there......and then the cutest little fuzzy black tiny birds not sure what they are . David hasnt found them in our bird book yet. We also have a male roadrunner and a few female roadrunners that come through alot. Then there are finches out there its enjoyable to sit and watch the birds feed . We have three feeders in place so hope to keep the birds fed this winter .

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