Monday, December 22, 2008

Its Almost Christmas

Hello everyone, thought Id send a post in and wish anyone reading my blog a merry christmas. :) Ive been busy crocheting and sewing but going to have to wait til after the christmas day unvailing of gifts before I can post on here as I wouldnt want to ruin anyones surprise for their gifts Ive made.

Things have been busy with getting ready for christmas day and hubby working overtime at walmart . Then we spent time the last few days winterizing a house for a place he does work for on occassion.........was a cold job but we did it. I say we LOL he does all the work Im moral support. ......but I go with him when he does his odd jobs. again IM always moral support.

Looking forward to our family get together on christmas day. Hubby has christmas eve off but has to work christmas night...he works late christmas eve we will have our christmas dinner together ......nice quite candle lit dinner .......something we both enjoy.

Well thats my update for now. Look for alot of pictures of projects after christmas :)

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