Sunday, January 11, 2009

My first patchwork project

Well i have ventured into patchworking a bit . I made a twisted pinwheel pillow measures about 8 inches . it has been fun making it and I plan to make more patch work project there is a picture of just the blocks then the first picture is of the actual pillow


Sharon-NZ said...

hmm more patchwork, ok you are gone LOL, they look really pretty pennie and I like the colour hehe

Cath Ü said...

Worked well as a cushion hey... Love it... well done my fellow learner... we will wear our L plates proudly...LOL
Just won't show anyone the back of our work....LOL
Cath Ü

Sharon's Place said...

very cute Pennie! Your on a roll whats next?

Sharon 2

Jenny F said...

Great work girl :) You are now a patchworker LOL
Jenny F

Kandie said...

very nice...pillow looks great!8)