Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Chickens Have Grown UP

well last fall we bought 16 baby chicks. We have 14 now. not a bad record for the time of year we got them as it was cold out when they got big enough to be outside in the weather. Anyway the black funny looking one is a Frizzel Rooster and is a bantie .......named Frizzie The others are just random shots of the group of gals we have there are a couple bantie hens and the rest are laying hens .....one rooster as well. the top picture shows that they are really moulting .....so funny looking when they lose their feathers.

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slommler said...

They have grown so much!!! Amazing!
Boy David sure has been busy...the land is starting to show some taming. I know clearing is hard work...we have some more to do ourselves.
Great Pics Pennie