Saturday, March 28, 2009

Over 20 inches Of Snow March 27 2009

Well we have had a blue northern come thruogh and the 20 plus inches of snow and 10 ft and over drifts are what we are left with. I took these pictures from inside the house as you can see its alot of snow ......these are just random shots from windows in the house that I could see out of most of them are plastered with snow.


Jenny F said...

That certainly is lots of snow Pennie. Stay warm and safe and I hope your internet connection holds out!

slommler said...

Yeppers!! You have snow for sure!!
And you can keep it too! We had a little and that bummed me out. Snow may be pretty..but it isn't pretty to drive in.
Nice pics by the way hun

Dya said...

Amazing, that's a lot of snow!!! I don't see a snowman yet??? LOL

Karen Mallory said...

Boy Pennie, the weather sure is wierd these days! Very pretty!! I hope you don't have to shovel!
hugs Karen

Cath Ü said...

WOW Pennie.....looks beautiful... but I hope that isn't your car in that pic... and when it melts I hope it doesn'r come in under the windows and doors....

Glad to hear all animals at your house are safe..
Cath Ü