Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Baby Emmie Is Here

this is baby Emmie she is made after a preemie baby with long and skinny arms and legs and small little feet. she is about 17 inches long. Emmie also has hand rooted hair. i have encluded some undressed pictures so you can see the detail of her sculpting ........she was fun to make ...because she is a preemie type baby her features arent as developed as they would be if she were a full term baby


creativedawn said...

Hi Penny,
Emmie looks sooooo real, very well done....G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S! Are you a member of the Friends of Cloth Dolls yahoo group? You may want to join so that you can submit your work for the challenges that are held in the group....the current challenges are closed now, but your baby would have definitely been a welcome addition....really good job!
How are you getting on....still have you in my prayers....big huggzies for you!

Karen Mallory said...

She is so cute Pennie! Her hair looks so real! FOCD would be a good group to join as Pam said. Lots of great people on the list!
hugs Karen

slommler said...

Emmie is adorable Pennie!! And the hair looks great!! Love her hands and feet. So cool!!