Wednesday, February 9, 2011

things are changing

hi everyone.....sorry lve been missing but a year ago l had a stroke and lost the use of my right side. l still have no use of it but l have learned to sew one handed with my left hand. as soon as supplies get here lm starting dolls are some outfits lve made for 12 t0 15 inch dolls...........the dolls in these photos were made by jan shackelfor ..........look for more from me soom


creativedawn said...

Hi Pennie,

Gosh, sorry to hear about you having a stroke, but happy to hear you are recovering. The drive to craft/make dollies is a good omen of your will to work again. God speed and I'll still be watching your blog!

Hooray, you're going to be okay!

Pennie said...

thanks pam good to hear from you.....l am determined to get back to things

slommler said...

Good for you Penny!! The outfits are adorable and that you can now sew again is incredible!!
I will be looking forward to seeing your new dolls!

Pennie said...

thanks sueann lm glad l can sew again

Pennie said...
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Kim said...

So cute Penny, love your little outfits. :)
Hugs, Kim