Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Our Aussie Friends Visit

We had a wonderful visit with khris and glen. We did lots of eating and laughing and chatting.....just kicked back and enjoyed some relaxation. I cooked lots of food as I figured being on the road the homemade food and goodies would be a treat. I fixed sloppy joes, marinated veggies, fiesta meatloaf and a regular meat loaf. Biscuts and gravy and breakfast pizza made lots of goodies chocolate chip cookies as glen requested them.....pumpkin bread......my mom furnised a strawberry bannana dessert, there was filled cake and if I forgot anything oops lOL anyway we ate well while they were here.

Khris tried the biscuts and gravy and said they werent bad now Glen he went to get a hair cut while i was fixing them and of course he chickened out and got a burger while he was out.....so he didnt try them.......he doesnt know what he's missing LOL.

They enjoyed the managery of birds that grace us with their beauty daily here in our back yard around the bird feeders and the bird bath and enjoyed seeing them The woodpccker, quail, red birds and blue jays were among the wild life wonders they got to experience.

Khris showed me how to cut out a heart block that is pieced and explained how to do it so will be doing that shortly. She came bearing gifts which I will post in a bit.......anyway it was a wonderful visit and sooooooooo glad we got to have our time together .......they are wonderful guests

Although this isnt the best photo i played with the photos we took and got david and i and khris and glen all in one picture by popping davids picture in on the end. ahhhhhh where there is a will there is a way.....but wanted to have a photo of the four of us together and this was the olny possible way to do it......soooooo its the four of us.


Sharon-NZ said...

another great photo Pennie, glad you got some nice ones while they were there

Glen and Khristina said...

Well Pennie we had a wonderful time eating, chatting and just catching up with you guys..thank you so much for a great visit and your hospitality...we appreciate your generosity and looking after us...and of course feeding us up so much...it has been fun trying different foods and ways of eating things...dont forget to send me the recipe for the veges please. Hugs Khris