Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Healing Hearts Quilt.....Made By Wonderful Ladies

For those who might not know the whole story behind this I'll briefly explain it. I got hurt in april and had to have a rotator cuff repair surgery......well 6weeks out I got an awful infection and it ate the repair and the entire rotator cuff away. So I had three more surgeries in June within an ll day period to clean up and clear up the infection and a new cuff contructed from my deltoid muscle........all of this was followed by 6 months of physical therapy ....and the end result is a not so functional arm from elbow up.......but Im thrilled it works as well as it does and Im on the road to getting back to normal.........by the first of the year I hope to be working again somewhere :). Anyway The wonderful group of ladies I have as friends on the group that Khris owns were very so loving and thoughtful and made me a healing hearts quilt. Khris presented it to me when her and glen came for a visit. I love it and when I snuggle under it I feel all the love and hugs each stitch has in it .......I am so thankful to have such wonderful people in my life. I'll always cherish it...... You are all truely blessed. This quilt had blocks from gals in the united states, gals from the UK and gals from the Netherlands.......so Ive received all these loving hugs from all over the world. Thanks to all you wonderful ladies for giving me such loving and heartfelt memories.

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Sharon-NZ said...

you look lovely and cosy wrapped in that quilt.......love it