Wednesday, May 27, 2009

who let the cat out of the bag :)

sara has a passion for plastic handle bags. she loves to play in them day david picked up the sack she was in by the handles and the new game was created. sara will get in a bag and lay in it til david comes and picks it up.........he then has to carry her around and when she is ready to stop she pops out of the bag. this is a few pictures of her and him playing the game. I'll have to get it video taped one day and share it. its funny to watch them here we go. in the first picture she is waiting on david to start walking then she hides down inside while she takes a ride around the house in it......when he stops she will peek out......when she is done she starts the climb out ......they usually end up ripping a hole in the bag you can see in the last picture her lil bum is sticking out....once in awhile she makes an unexpected exit out the back "door" they have created(the hole) LOL.

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Cath Ü said...

Pennie... Sara has grown so much... Good to see them having fun together...LOL
Cath Ü