Thursday, July 30, 2009

Abigails Beginning

This is Abigail she came to be by a printer error. She is from the marionette pattern by judi ward. The pattern is for a 25 inch tall doll which is available through an epattern. I got the pattern and I printed it and when I did the pieces werent the right i decided what the heck I'll use the pattern and see what happens..........well instead of 25 inches Abigail turned out to be 20 inches. She is wearing a handmade romper with pink background and green frogs that i made for her . I also took some pictures of her in her pj's .....probably had way to much fun with this photo shoot LOL............I gave her that lil scrunched up face a little one can get when concentrating on something or thinking about what they can do least i tried to give her this expression. hope you like her


creativedawn said...

WOW! PENNIE! You are definitely waaaay down in the doll Abigail is beautiful! I just love her expression! You get better with each baby you it!

Cath Ü said...

She is a darling and I love the pic of her holding her stuffed toy... so cute...
Cath Ü

slommler said...

Beautiful baby girl!! And I love her face!!