Thursday, July 23, 2009

Im so proud of david aka hubby

I just have to do some bragging here on my hubby david. He's gonna be 54 years old the 14th of august. He came and announced to me on saturday that he had about a half pack of cigarettes left and when they were gone he was done smoking this was the 18th well the 19th on sunday they were gone. he went around the house with a box and picked up lighters, ashtrays, went out to the cars and pickup did the same thing..........threw em all in the big dumpster well all but his zippo lighters he has a collection of them. but he did pack them up and had me put them in safe keeping just so as not to have to look at them for awhile. He has been really coughing for awhile now to the point it has made his shoulders/back(which he has had injuries in the past too) hurt as well as his chest. this was what made him decide. so anyway so far so good. He has taken up sucking on tootsie roll pops and eatting hard candy ........and hasnt touched or even wanted one and he's not using any patches even. He has smoked since he was 8 tells about his mom finding him and his brothers tabacco and putting chyanne pepper(sp) in it so they wouldnt smoke it LOL. but they did LOL. ............I'll keep you all updated on his progress. but he is determined to stop we will be married 24 years august 21 and this the first time he has voluntarily stopped time he did it to shut me up LOL didnt last another time he was in the hospital for 19 days and wasnt allowed to smoke LOL..........but again didnt i just had to share how proud i am of him for taking the steps on his own ........hes determined to do it


creativedawn said...

awesome... he can do it and please give him my encouragement...just remember, there WILL be setbacks, tell him just don't give up....I am praying for you both...It is a difficult road. Mike, my hubby quit 18 months ago and he fell the wagon twice; the last time 8 months ago and boy did he get really sick! You two can do anything you set your mind to.

DianneSahakian Dolls, Minidolls, Crafts said...

Hi Pennie Its great that your hubby gave up smoking, this time may be the best as he made his own mind up that he was going to stop. I believe he will stop because you are there for him every step of the way and together can help him keep to his promise of no more smoking. You can do anything you set your mind to do so tell him you have friends rooting for him and you to in order to help him. Love and Hugs Dianne