Saturday, August 22, 2009

Whitney a glimps of the past with a new twist

This is Whitney and she is definately a glimps of the past with a new twist added You see whitney is a 32 inch doll created using an old vintage pattern one of those that didnt have a name but a number design 663. reminds me of many patterns my grandmother had. This pattern was done as a boy.....with the old felt sewed on hair and painted on features.......well I decided I wanted to be creative but at the same time keep in my style of doll closely as possible.......... so out of this Whitney has been created. I hope you enjoy her. She also wears a size 7 shoe........... her crocks are a tight fit but she had to wear them . Whitney will definately be a one of a kind. I will make this pattern again but I will do some adjusting to make the cheeks more proportional to the face .....and a couple little things. She was a joy to make. Hope you enjoyed seeing her. My babies are collectable babies and are not suitable for children


slommler said...

She is wonderful Pennie!!! I love the vintage look and feel.

Cath Ü said...

I can see you are having way too much fun with the photo shoots... well done again... LOL
cath Ü

Walker Watts? Raggedy said...

She is real cute and quite a big gal this time :0) Hugs from UK Liz

Anonymous said...

I love these dolls. Becca and Bryce came home to me and I adore them! You have to see and feel these dolls in person, they are awsome! Hugs, Kim : )

Michelle said...

How adorable Pennie and I love the hot pink crocs..Cheers Michelle