Friday, September 4, 2009

Introducing My Original Designs...Puddin Pals

UPDATE ON TARA........Tara has been adopted and this is what her New Mommy had to say.....
She is so tiny and petite and just the depth of her is wonderful.........she's so different than any of my other babies and extremely uninque

One day ...out of the imagination of my mind came visions of little fat baby rolls, cute little toes and faces with expressions that would steal your heart. After several unsuccessful attempts to put that idea onto paper, I finally got the images which were in my head onto paper and so created the little babies called.......Puddin Pals.

There will be several different series of them and each will be numbered and a total of five in each series. They are made of craft velour and are so soft and snugly. Each will measure 8 to 9 inches depending on the soft sculpting. Their hair is mohair and can be gently combed and styled. They are strung together to be able to move the arms and legs and their stuffed in a way that you can position the legs and arms in different poses. The head is made so that is isn't jointed but is able to be moved slightly from side to side and can be tilted up or down to make wonderful poses.

The Puddin Pals will start with the diaper series. In the diaper series each baby comes with a crocheted diaper, shirt, bonnet, and booties as well as a crocheted blanket that coordinates the outfit. Each Puddin Pal will come signed by me, with a tag that is attached to the baby with the Puddin Pal name of the baby, number and year. A certificate of creation, signed by me will also be furnished.

The first in the Puddin Pal diaper series is Tara .......she is approximately 8 inches long and has brown mohair hair that has been glued on and can be gently combed and styled. She is so snuggly and waiting anxiously for her new mom or dad

If you would like to purchase a Puddin Pal baby the cost will be 35.00 which will include priority shipping, insurance and delivery confirmation within the united states. I can ship internationally but there will be additional cost for postage. Stay the little Puddin Pals come to life. If you would like to contact me, my email address is

Please note that my babies are intended to be collectibles and are not intended for children


Karen Mallory said...

She is really cute Pennie. Love all the little wrinkles! Great doll!
hugs Karen

Cath Ü said...

well done Pennie... I know how hard it can be getting ideas out of your head at times.......
Cath Ü

creativedawn said...

Cute babies....looks like you are progressing in a wonderful way! Got it out of your mind and into the design....great job!

DianneSahakian Dolls, Minidolls, Crafts said...

HI Pennie Your little baby dolls are so adorable and with the crocheted outfits too. Love and hugs Dianne